Who is Reactor Core Technologies Inc.?

ReactorTec was founded by Jeremy Williamson in December of 2018. Jeremy is a Software Engineer and Web Developer with more than 15 years experience working in the I.T. industry.

Jeremy has had a passion for I.T. since he was a young boy, and has sought throughout his life for ways that he could express his beliefs and passions within the I.T. culture & industry. This eventually led him into the broader “Culture Wars” as I.T. became an increasing part of our daily lives.

As I.T. and culture continued to become interconnected, Jeremy began to see trends that concerned him, and a vision began to take form. Jeremy began to see a need for a place where those that were battling the “Culture Wars” could rest, find safety, recoup, and be able to share their thoughts, beliefs, opinions and values, without fear of web extermination. A home for web refugees. A sanctuary.

That vision is Reactor Core Technologies Inc.