The Foyer of Sanctuary

Welcome to the foyer of your web sanctuary. The foyer is under heavy construction at the moment, so you will have to forgive the mess. When complete, the Foyer will be where ReactorTec's clients will be able to access their exclusive services, and connect with other web refugees seeking sanctuary.

Refugees will be able to explore the foyer, and interact with other web citizens who are hoping to connect with like minded individuals. Set up your own tables, and advertise for your business or club.

Had enough interaction? Those who have sworn to hold to the rules of the sanctuary will be able to show their pass, and enter the sanctuary. Pick and choose who they wish to share fellowship with, and when and what they wish to share in the foyer.

The Foyer is where it all happens, and you are in control, but it's not done yet, so please hang on. We will be opening it as soon as we can.