Investment Opportunities with Reactor Core Technoligies Inc.

ReactorTec is a start up company with limited capital at this time. It does have sufficient capital to enter into contracts with at least 10 clients at the base offered package.

ReactorTec has set a goal of obtaining 10 service contracts within it’s first year of operation. If that goal is achieved, ReactorTec will require additional capital in order to expand.

ReactorTec is seeking investors who would be willing to offer share holder loans or enter into partnership with the goal of achieving at a minimum of $10,000CAD in capital. This goal would not require a single investor, but could be divided up among a minimum of 10 investors.

The $10,000CAD would be used for, but not limited to, the purchase of servers, fiber equipment, lease agreements, and construction of a connection to the Internet Super Hub/Gateway in Calgary, Alberta. Which would in turn give ReactorTec greater opportunity to offer speed & bandwidth comparable to major competitors, while remaining a sanctuary from oppression.